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FraktionX is a technology innovation company that helps turn great ideas into successful ventures. With our expertise and resources, FraktionX supports the growth and development of innovative projects, aiming to create impactful technologies for the future.


Our approach involves several key steps:

1. Market Study: We begin by conducting comprehensive market research to identify opportunities and validate the potential of new ideas.

2. In-House Development: Our team then develops these ideas into fully-fledged products, leveraging our extensive expertise in technology and innovation.

3. Scaling with Fujitsu: Once a product is developed, we partner with Fujitsu to scale the solution, ensuring it reaches its full potential and makes a significant impact in the market.

By following this approach, FraktionX helps create and grow innovative technologies that shape the future.


Sacha Verveckken - Co-Founder

Chairman of the Board & CXO 

Sacha Verveckken is the founder and CXO of FraktionX. Passionate about technology and innovation, he leads the company in transforming ideas into successful ventures.

Alfred Sultson-

Technology Manager

Alfred drives the development and implementation of innovative solutions, ensuring our products are top-notch and impactful turning visionary ideas into reality.

Jennifer Van Litsenborg

Head of Finance & RIsk 

With a keen eye for detail and a background in finance, she manages financial planning and risk assessment. Jennifer ensures the company's ventures are financially sound.

Peter Van Lierde 

Head of Real Estate

Peter oversees property investments and developments. Peter ensures that FraktionX's real estate ventures are strategically planned and successfully executed.

Ben Peeters - Co-Founder

Board Member

As  Board Member, Ben offers insights and guidance, drawing from diverse industry experience. Though not actively involved in daily operations, his contributions shape the company's long-term vision.

Frank Van Raemdonck 

Board Member

As investor and advisor, FraktionX can rely on Frank's expertise to support strategic decisions and investments. With a focus on driving growth and innovation, Frank plays a key role in guiding the company towards success.

Mikhail Zanders

Head of Logistics 

Mikhail Supports FraktionX through his experience in Logistics and Supply Chain he is also the main driver and key user for our terminal app moduie in DirectPort.


Join FraktionX - Where Innovation Makes an Impact

We're a group of creative minds, driven by the desire to make a difference. Our goal? To change industries, challenge norms, and create lasting change.

FraktionX is a diverse team of thinkers, united by our passion for pushing boundaries. From experienced professionals to fresh faces, we believe in teamwork and diverse perspectives.

Why FraktionX: Joining us means joining a community. Your ideas matter, your voice counts, and your work makes a real impact. We offer support, growth opportunities, and a balanced life.

Join Us: Ready to be part of something bigger? Check out our current openings.

Full Stack Developer

Are you a creative problem solver with a passion for technology? We're seeking a talented Full Stack Developer to join our team and help us build the next generation of [mention the product or platform]. As a Full Stack Developer, you'll have the opportunity to work on both front-end and back-end development, contributing to every stage of the product lifecycle.

Sales Manager 

Are you a results-driven sales professional with a knack for hunting down new business opportunities? We're on the lookout for a highly motivated Sales Manager (Hunter) to join our team and drive revenue growth through proactive prospecting and strategic sales initiatives.

Startup CEO 

Are you a visionary leader with a passion for driving growth and innovation? We're seeking a dynamic and strategic CEO to lead our startup through its next phase of expansion and success. As CEO, you'll have the opportunity to shape the future of our company and make a lasting impact on the industry.

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