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Real Estate Crowdfunding

Registered Crowdfunding 

Real Estate and more precisely how properties are conceived, created and sold has undergone a fundamental shift and this will continue to evolve. Yet the engine of the real estate industry, the capital market, and how capital is obtained, invested and managed is still relatively untouched. Fraktion has understood the current economic climate and has created the answer that the real estate industry and its investors have been waiting for.

Designed with You in Mind

We created a marketplace in which our registered users are able to browse, buy and sell real estate 

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Connect Project Milestones to your Carbon Offset 

Carbon Management

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Invest in Projects over a licensed Crowdfunding Platform 

Crowdfunding Platform

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Application for Maritme logistics business & stakeholders

Multimodal SaaS

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European Private Equity Firm and Venture Studio

Equity & Ventures

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