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We believe in making everything available to anyone. That's our promise. We use blockchain technology to divide real world objects into smaller Fraktions.


These Fraktions can be bought, sold or traded on our marketplace

Microbuying is the process of buying assets with small sums of money. Similarly to micro investing, it aims to remove the traditional barriers of entry and encourages people to build a diversified portfolio.


Technology today provides us with the opportunity to break up large or expensive assets such as Real Estate or Art into smaller pieces or fraktions ready to be bought by anyone, anywhere.


Using Mobile Phones

Our mission is to discover what this new technological movement can do for your company,


Our ambition is to build great products that look stellar and can contribute to a better, safer, more democratic world. 

When something new comes along it's always a question of what the benefits are and how this new technology can increase profitability or decrease risk - Tokenisation Benefits


Greater financial flexibility is offered  enabling you to diversify


Easy onboarding and a simpel  investment journey


Borderless investments within a fixed legal structure made possible 


Lower entry barrier, start investing from as low as €50


Direct transactions with almost instant settlement offered through tokenisation

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