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we specialise in the creation 
of Blockchain
based products

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Another epic evolution

Web3 is the latest generation of the Internet, evolving from the previous iteration by incorporating new technology and concepts with a focus on creating a stable and robust infrastructure for all of us. We provide services related to:

Token  Innovation 
DAO Consulting 

 Decentralised   Apps

Blockchain  development

Smart  Contracts 

VR Goggles

We guide companies
to take the right steps 
in this brave new world

As Web3 agency we  aim to understand your business goals and suggest relevant strategies to reach your objectives. We excel in the implementation of the latest blockchain trends.  We work with relentless tenacity and we get the job done faster, more effectively and at a lower cost. Our experts understand their industry inside and out and leverage tried and tested tactics to guide your organisation.

Partners, Clients &

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We created Fraktion 
a full service tokenisation 

Fraktion is a full suite investment toolset for the real estate industry.  Technology today provides us with the opportunity to break up large or expensive assets such as Real Estate or Art into smaller pieces or fraktions ready to be bought by anyone, anywhere. 


We believe in making everything available to anyone. That's our promise. We use blockchain technology to divide real world objects into smaller Fraktions.


These Fraktions can be bought, sold or traded on our marketplace

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